Top 10 cricket bats in India

Our Indian Bats have been in action since 1600s. It has come through a long way, the olden bats resembling more like hockey sticks. The Bats started taking their native rectangular shape in the early 1800s. Now we have a wide range of bats with each brand marking their uniqueness with processing of the wood, designs, weight etc. We shall have a detailed view on the Top 10 Indian Cricket Bats.

Choosing the Right and Best

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Choosing the Best Bat makes a player the Best. To begin the journey of playing Cricket, the first step of choosing the best cricket bat is mandatory. We have numerous points to consider before choosing an ideal cricket bat. A quick glance at the 5 most important points:

Size: The size of the Bat is chosen according to the player’s height.

Weight:Choosing the weight of the bat varies with age, height and experience


Looking out for grains is the next important step. There are many curvy random lines on the front face of the bat, watch out for straight lines on it. It should look almost parallel.

Choosing the right willow:

Choose the Kashmir willow bat if you are a beginner, and go with the English willow bat as you tune yourself into a professional

Brand makes a huge impact

Choosing the Best Brand is quintessential. The Top brands include SS Magnum, SG Extreme, MRF Champ, GM sting, Spartan MS Dhoni Run, MRF Leather ball, Puma Evo speed Chromium 3500,OEM.Gray-nicolls

A Quick Glance at the top brands

Brand Height Weight Willow type Handle Players
SG Phoenix 5 and above 1.3 Kg Kashmir Willow Short handle Beginners and above
SS Magnum 6 1.3 Kg Kashmir Willow Short handle Beginners and above
MRF 1CT16110 Champ 6 499 grams Kashmir Willow Short handle Beginners and professionals
GM Sting 6 1.3 Kg Kashmir Willow Short handle Intermediate
MRF Leather ball play 499grams Kashmir Willow Short handle Beginners
SS Magnum Available in all sizes 1.2 Kg English Willow Short handle Advance
Gray-Nicolls Velocity GN1 5 &6 1.2 Kg English Willow Short handle Beginners
Spartan MS Dhoni Run    _   1.2Kg English Willow Short handle Beginners and above
Puma Evospeed Chromium 3500   _ 1.6Kg English Willow Short handle Advance
OEM  Full 1.2Kg Kashmir Willow Short handle Beginners and above

What makes the bats to our top list

  • Right Weight: The bats are neatly handcrafted in the right weight with thick edges, the handles having additional shock absorbing ability.
  • Durability : Bats tend to serve for a longer period comparatively , and we consider it highly durable.
  • Customer review: Customers have an overall positive review and tend to go for the same brand again and refer the same to peers as well.
  • Good deal for money : Good buy with amazing offers and great discounts on shipping charges.
  • People’s Choice : We are people’s voice and we go by their choice.

Peripheral peek at the top 10 cricket Bats of India

Ø SG Phoenix Extreme Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

  • The SG Phoenix Extreme Cricket Bat comes with thick edges and curved blade and has a full length bat cover with an adjustable strap.
  • It is a Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat with short handle and ideal for beginners.
  • The Bat strokes on well with leather ball

  Pros :           

 It is suitable for all levels of players ranging from beginners to rising professionals.

Caters variety of needs by having wide range of bats with different weights and willows.


Beginners find the bat a little heavy especially when they choose short handle bats.             

The Bat’s cover quality does not seem as good as the bat. SS Magnum Kashmir

SS Magnum Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

  • Solid Bat crafted neatly with 1.5 inch thick blade, preferably suitable for leather ball.
  • Kashmir Willow cricket bat with Chevron grip

Pros :           

 It is suitable for 13-25 age group.

The bat comes with good quality cover and weighs around 1.3Kg.


Not suitable for tall players

Bottom part of the bat is poorly constructed and handle is flimsy.

MRF 1CT16110 Champ Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat, Size 6

  • Associated with sports since 1980s MRF is a Highly reputed brand made from top of the line  Kashmir Willow it is well preferred by light weight Batsman.

Pros :           

 The premium quality Kashmir Willow has exceptional strokes with optimum balance.Designed for comfort , it is available in short handle sizes.

  Cons:           Not preferred by professionals expecting heavy weight bats.

GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle Men

Handcrafted by professional craftsmen the GM sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is highly durable with explosive power

Pros :           

 The bat is used for advance level playing by budding professionals.

It is amazing while playing shots and gives maximum stability.


It is provided with a bat protector tape but not a toe guard.

MRF Leather ball play Kashmir willow Cricket bat (short handle) 

  • Ideal choice for aspiring cricketers ,with the handle made from premium quality imported Sarawak cane.


Light weight Kashmir willow bat.

Short Handle

Cons: Not Suitable for Professionals

SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat 

  • Advanced level English willow bat with Scale grip and concave edges.
  • It has hydrophilic coating to reduce condensation in the garment.
  • It has nice strokes and is suitable for leather and tennis ball as well. 



Short handle

Cons: The coating on the bat is not up to the mark

Gray-Nicolls Velocity GN1 Exclusive 2019      English Willow bat

  • It is an English Willow Bat with semi oval handle.
  • Definitely an eye turner with catchy design.
  • As the name itself defines the velocity and power in the bat.

It comes with an additional fibre grain tape at the front.


Suitable for Beginners

It has a toe guard.

Has artificial grain sticker on the front.


Its an entry level bat and not suitable for professionals.

Spartan MS Dhoni Run English –Willow Cricket Bat

  • Crafted gracefully from first grade English willow.
  • Has a natural stroke and ultimate striking ability.
  • Its endorsed by MS dhoni.
  • The bat has cane handle


It has the best value for money.

Light weight bat with 10-12 grains.

The bat cover is good with firm grip on the handle.


It is not a ready to use bat, proper oiling and knocking is required.

Puma Evospeed Chromium 3500 English-Willow Cricket bat

  • One of the world’s leading sports brand has set a new benchmark for cricket bats with high performance hitting power.
  • It has an amazing control with reweighted balance.
  • English willow bat with striking cosmetics and impressive swell to produce a destructive bat.


Premium quality bats.

Best quality English willow designed for modern high impact      player


Not recommended for beginners.

OEM Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat MC

  • short handled Kashmir-willow bat.
  • The handles made from superior quality cane .
  • Provides superior power and weight control.
  • Optimized designing for amazing grip.


Has a good quality bat cover.

Suitable for tall players as well.

Amazing balance and great grip.


Bats well with leather ball compared to cork ball.


For a person to fall in love with any game the choice of sports gear used is highly mandatory. The above list of bats are the Top 10 Best Bats in India. Pick your choice and fall in love again and again with the sport.

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